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Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth removalRemoval of wisdom teeth is often performed when these molars emerge during adolescence or early adulthood. In many cases, wisdom teeth are extracted because they erupt improperly or because they present risks of overcrowding that can damage other teeth. Patients can reduce their risks of oral health problems, including tooth decay, gum disease and infection, by having these teeth extracted before they become problematic. Depending on individual circumstances, our Houston wisdom teeth removal expert may use a simple or complex extraction procedure to take wisdom teeth out.

Extraction of wisdom teeth may be performed depending on how these teeth erupt and how they are situated relative to other teeth. Many wisdom teeth are affected by impaction, which can involve eruption at improper angles pointed forward, backward or sideways. Other wisdom teeth are angled correctly but never fully emerge from the gums. Even when wisdom teeth do not currently cause problems, however, they may disrupt oral health in the future. Gum disease, tooth decay and serious infections can occur, making early extraction ideal for many patients who visit our expert in wisdom teeth removal in Houston.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston

Wisdom teeth removal may be performed under one or more types of anesthesia depending on the extent of work necessary, the preferences of the individual and candidacy for different forms of anesthesia. Local anesthesia is standard to prevent pain in the treatment area during extraction. Sedation may also be used, and general anesthesia may be recommended for intensive extractions. Our Houston wisdom teeth removal expert begins by making incisions in the gums. Next, our dentist uses forceps to remove the tooth in one piece, if possible, or in multiple pieces if necessary. Finally, our dentist cleans the area, sutures the incision closed and puts gauze in place to control bleeding.

After extraction is complete, our expert in wisdom teeth removal in Houston gives patients aftercare instructions as well as prescriptions for antibiotics and pain medication. Patients should refrain from smoking, spitting or using straws immediately after the procedure. To learn more about why and how wisdom teeth are removed, patients can schedule a consultation with our Houston dentist.