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Tooth Colored Dental Fillings

tooth colored dental fillingsTooth-colored dental fillings not only support a normal appearance compared to mercury amalgam fillings but also provide stronger support for tooth structure in the long term. Although metal fillings have been found to present little risk of toxicity, many patients feel more comfortable getting tooth-colored fillings in consideration of their health. Here is more about this treatment from our Houston dental fillings expert and how it is performed.

Tooth-colored fillings are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and long-lasting. When tooth decay occurs in the front teeth, tooth-colored fillings let patients avoid the disruption of appearance associated with metal fillings. Although tooth-colored fillings can last for varying lengths of time depending on diet and other lifestyle factors, this treatment from our Houston tooth colored fillings expert usually does not require replacement for up to seven years. Placement of tooth-colored fillings requires less removal of tooth structure than metal fillings do, which reduces the impact of treatment on the strength of treated teeth. The composite material is also resistant to the contraction and expansion associated with metal fillings, decreasing stress that can damage teeth over time with changes in temperature.

Tooth Colored Dental Fillings Houston

The procedure used to place tooth-colored fillings is minimally invasive and can be completed in a single appointment. First, our expert in dental fillings in Houston removes the damaged portion of the tooth. Next, our dentist cleans the area being filled. Finally, our dentist tints the composite resin, places it in the tooth and cures it with a special light. After the new filling has been trimmed and polished to completion, patients leave with a fully functional and attractive restoration.

Patients can reduce their likelihood of needing fillings by taking care of their teeth. Daily brushing and flossing and biannual check-ups from our cosmetic dentist in Houston are essential in this task. When damage does occur, patients can visit our dentist for tooth-colored fillings that offer superior looks and performance. At a consultation with our expert in tooth colored fillings in Houston, patients can learn more about this procedure and find out how it can help them.