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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening, when performed by a professional, is a fast and easy way for patients to boost their eye appeal. In fact, the combination of patented bleaching gels and rapid activation can turn teeth up to ten shades whiter in a single appointment. Stains resolved successfully by teeth whitening include those caused by diet and lifestyle factors. A number of options are available to modern patients, and recommendations for treating stains can vary based on the severity and source of discoloration.

Although patients may find a variety of whitening products on store shelves, the results of those items can never compare to the effects of treatment by our Houston teeth whitening expert. In many cases, over-the-counter whitening kits take months to work, and the degree of whitening involved may not be worth the time investment. By contrast, a single appointment with our dentist can virtually eliminate stains that are not easily addressed by over-the-counter teeth whiteners. Many patients are satisfied with the results of one whitening session, but extra sessions can be scheduled when patients want an even brighter smile.

Teeth Whitening Houston

Teeth WhiteningTreatment by our expert in teeth whitening in Houston is performed with safety as well as results in mind. Once treatment goals have been established, our dentist puts oral barriers in place to guard the mouth against the professional-grade bleaching gel. After applying the gel to the teeth, our dentist activates it with a patented formula or light depending on the whitening system being used. Finally, our dentist removes the gel. With certain whitening treatments, this process may be repeated a few times during a single appointment. To prevent teeth sensitivity, our Houston teeth whitening expert may recommend fluoride treatment at the end of the appointment.

In certain cases, our cosmetic dentist in Houston may recommend a procedure other than whitening to resolve tooth discoloration. For example, veneers or crowns may be warranted by discoloration stemming from internal tooth decay or antibiotic treatment. A consultation with our expert in teeth whitening in Houston can be scheduled by patients who want to learn more about this cosmetic procedure.