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Smile Makeover

smile makeoverA smile makeover is a personalized combination of cosmetic treatments, recommended by our dentist, for improvement of flaws affecting one or more teeth. Although some of the treatments used in a smile makeover may have restorative value, the smile makeover is focused primarily on appearance rather than reconstruction of the mouth. Furthermore, some patients may be advised to undergo restorative care before receiving a smile makeover. The flexibility of this procedure from our Houston smile makeover expert makes truly amazing transformation possible for recipients.

A smile makeover is a powerful choice for patients who are unhappy with multiple aspects of their oral appearance. Instead of having several procedures performed at separate visits over a period of years, patients can have their teeth analyzed by our expert in smile makeover in Houston to identify all of the potential improvements that can be made. These may include issues such as discoloration, structural damage or improper positioning. A full range of cosmetic and orthodontic options may be chosen, creating an entirely new look for individuals who want it.

Smile Makeover Houston

The smile makeover begins with a consultation to determine the treatment goals of patients and the options available to address them. Depending on the results of the consultation, our Houston smile makeover expert may recommend teeth whitening, veneers, crowns, bonding, Invisalign, or other options. Once treatment begins, completion may take days, weeks, or months based on the options patients choose. Patients may need to have their teeth restored before certain procedures, such as veneers or Invisalign, to support safe and effective results.

This treatment from our expert in smile makeover in Houston may include noninvasive treatments, invasive procedures, or both, making candidacy vary with each individual. Adult patients of all ages can benefit from the smile makeover, and flexibility in treatment options makes the smile makeover adaptable to different budgets. After undergoing a smile makeover, patients may find that they have more self-confidence and social success, improving their quality of life. At a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in Houston, patients can learn more about the smile makeover and find out if it is right for them.