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Scaling and Root Planing

scaling and root planingScaling and root planing is a non-surgical treatment used to restore the health of gums affected by gingivitis. Gingivitis involves accumulation of plaque, tartar and bacteria on the teeth, both above and below the gum line, and scaling and root planing works through the removal of these accumulations. Our Houston scaling and root planing expert may use a variety of tools to thoroughly clean the teeth during this procedure. In many cases, timely scaling and root planing can actually reverse gum disease and prevent the long-term complications associated with the condition.

Scaling and root planing helps resolve early gum disease by addressing bad oral bacteria and its environmental factors. Although this procedure may be recommended as a treatment for existing gum disease, it can also be used to prevent gum disease from developing when risk factors are present. Furthermore, scaling and root planing can help teeth look better by removing more plaque and tartar than regular cleaning does. Patients who receive this treatment from our expert in scaling and root planing in Houston are less likely to suffer tooth loss, tooth infections, halitosis, and systemic infections from uncontrolled oral bacterial growth.

Scaling and Root Planing Houston

Our Houston scaling and root planing expert performs a visual exam and uses X-rays to determine the need for this procedure before recommending it. During the procedure, our dentist may use ultrasonic or manual scaling tools to first remove accumulations from the teeth. After scaling the teeth, our dentist smooths the roots of the teeth using a planing instrument. Not only does the planing process leave the teeth with a smooth, attractive finish, but it also helps prevent bacteria from sticking to the teeth afterwards.

Our expert in scaling and root planing in Houston may use anesthesia to protect patients from discomfort during this procedure. Afterwards, our dentist may prescribe antibiotics to help resolve bacterial growth in the periodontal pockets. Daily brushing and flossing and regular check-ups will help prevent progression of gingivitis in the long term. At a consultation with our Houston dentist, patients can learn more about this procedure and its value for treating gum disease.