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Restorative Dentistry

restorative dentistryRestorative dentistry focuses on repairing the damage caused by oral health problems and physical trauma. Our Houston restorative dentistry expert offers several procedures in this category, including fillings, more extensive tooth repair techniques, and tooth replacement options. By offering ceramic restorations, our dentist helps patients preserve their looks after having their teeth fixed. In addition to normalizing appearance, restorative care can give patients back their abilities to chew and speak properly and can reduce risks of tooth loss and other complications later in life.

Patients may receive recommendations for fillings when tooth damage is minor, but more intensive procedures can become necessary when more severe damage is present. Patients who choose tooth-colored fillings over mercury amalgam fillings enjoy discreet restoration, better support for tooth structure, and longer-lasting results. In cases where damaged areas are too large for repair with conventional fillings, our expert in restorative dentistry in Houston may use inlays or onlays that are pre-formed before being placed in the teeth. Crowns can also be used when total coverage of a tooth is desirable because of severe structural and cosmetic damage.

Restorative Dentistry Houston

Patients who have lost teeth can visit our Houston restorative dentistry expert to regain their looks and functional oral ability through tooth replacement. When patients want a stable form of tooth replacement, our dentist may recommend dental bridges. Supported by teeth adjacent to spaces where teeth have been lost, dental bridges hold natural-looking artificial crowns in place. Total stability of dental bridges prevents other teeth from shifting and eliminates risks of slippage and clicking when patients speak or chew. With proper care, including daily brushing and flossing and regular visits to our dentist for check-ups, dental bridges can last for as long as 15 years.

Our expert in restorative dentistry in Houston uses digital X-ray technology to ensure accuracy during restorative dental procedures. By using less radiation and allowing prompt viewing on computer, digital X-rays are safer and help save patients time. In many cases, restorative procedures offer aesthetic advantages in addition to functional benefits. This means that patients who visit our dentist in Houston for restorative procedures can support their self-confidence as well as their health by receiving necessary treatment.