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Pediatric Dental Services

pediatric dental servicesOur Houston pediatric dental service provider is experienced at treating younger patients who have oral health problems. In addition to handling common issues like cavities in children, our dentist consults with parents to help them understand how to foster the oral health of their children. A wide selection of procedures supports the quality of care children receive at our office.

Routine visits provide cleaning, exams, and preventive care while restorative treatments help resolve issues such as tooth decay and gum disease in children. Beginning early in childhood, our provider of pediatric dental services in Houston can monitor the development of children and recommend orthodontic treatment when necessary. Harmful habits like mouth breathing, which can damage orofacial development, can be caught early so that permanent problems do not result. If overcrowding occurs, placing adult teeth at risk of improper eruption, our dentist can perform early extraction of specific teeth. For children who are at higher risk of tooth decay, our dentist may recommend a variety of preventive dental treatments.

Pediatric Dental Services Houston

Oral health problems during childhood can predispose patients to serious dental problems later in life. To address this issue in children who are at higher risk of dental problems, our Houston pediatric dental service provider may recommend preventive treatments, such as fluoride treatment, mouth guards, or dental bonding. Fluoride strengthens teeth and reduces risks of erosion and decay. Mouth guards, customized and designed for use during sports or sleep, can prevent uneven tooth wear, tooth breakage, and TMJ disorders. Dental bonding can protect vulnerable areas of teeth against decay that could potentially place the entire mouth at risk of infection and further damage.

Our dentist combines functional and aesthetic aspects of dental care to accommodate children who visit our office. By visiting our provider of pediatric dental services in Houston, parents can become better prepared to help their children enjoy good oral health as they grow. With preventive care, potentially including dental bonding, fluoride treatment, mouth guards, and referral for orthodontic care, children are more likely to mature with healthy teeth and gums and are less likely to need restorative care later. To learn more about our dental services, parents can schedule a consultation with our dentist in Houston.