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Oral Surgery

oral surgeryOral surgery can become necessary when patients require extraction of problematic teeth, removal of damaged or cancerous tissue, or intensive repair within the mouth. To perform this dental specialty, our Houston oral surgery expert completed additional training after general dental school. Patients who visit our dentist for oral surgery may be offered a variety of sedation options depending on their eligibility and the procedure involved.

Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most common reasons for oral surgery. When wisdom teeth are impacted or incompletely erupted, this procedure may require more time and steps to complete. Oral surgery may also be performed to reconstruct jaws damaged by trauma or disease. Dental implant placement and bone grafting, which may be necessary before placement of dental implants, are also performed by our expert in oral surgery in Houston. A wide range of other issues may also be addressed with oral surgery.

Oral Surgery Houston

Temporomandibular joint disorders and sleep apnea can often be corrected with oral surgery. In most cases, TMJ surgery is reserved for cases that do not respond to less intensive treatment methods. Oral surgery for TMJ generally entails correcting the position of the jaw. To correct sleep apnea, our Houston oral surgery expert can perform soft tissue removal that eliminates excess throat tissue that can collapse and stop breathing during sleep.

One or more forms of sedation may be used by our expert in oral surgery in Houston during oral surgery procedures. Mild sedation may be achieved with inhaled sedation through nitrous oxide. Moderate sedation often involves oral sedatives that patients take before their procedure. Finally, patients may receive IV sedation, combined oral and IV sedation, or general anesthesia for procedures that are long or particularly intensive.

Oral surgery can be used to restore the appearance, comfort, and functioning of patients whose teeth, gums, jaws, or other orofacial tissues have been affected by disease, trauma, or improper development. Available sedation options help make treatment tolerable for all patients. At a consultation with our Houston dentist, patients can learn more about oral surgery and its many applications.