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Gum Disease Treatment

gum disease treatmentGum disease, one of the most common oral health maladies, affects a majority of American adults at some point. Although early gum disease may produce only mild symptoms, such as halitosis and gum tenderness, severe gum disease can result in tooth loosening, tissue loss and systemic disease. Therefore, patients should visit our Houston gum disease treatment expert for treatment as soon as possible if they notice signs of gingivitis in themselves. With the right procedures, even severe gum disease can often be stopped or reversed.

In early gum disease, treatment may consist of comprehensive cleaning and antimicrobial treatments. Scaling and root planing is used to remove built-up plaque and tartar from the teeth. To perform this treatment, our expert in gum disease treatment in Houston uses manual or electronic tools to scrape the calculus from the enamel outside of the gums as well as beneath them. Antimicrobial rinses may be recommended for daily use alongside regular brushing and flossing. With diligent home hygiene and regular professional attention, patients may experience relief from gingivitis and prevention of advanced periodontitis.

Gum Disease Treatment Houston

Once gingivitis has progressed to advanced periodontitis, patients require more extensive treatments, such as gum flap surgery and tissue grafting. Gum flap surgery involves making incisions in the gums so that they can be pulled back to reveal deep accumulations of calculus that can then be removed. Tissue grafting, which may involve bone or soft tissue, is used to repair damage caused by gum disease. During the procedure, our Houston gum disease treatment expert takes tissue from other parts of the body and adds them to target areas to stimulate renewed tissue growth.

Patients should brush and floss daily, avoid smoking, and limit consumption of sugar to help reduce their risk of gum disease. When patients have a higher risk of gum disease because of heredity, medical history, or lifestyle factors, more frequent check-ups from our expert in gum disease treatment in Houston may be necessary in the long term. A consultation with our dentist in Houston can be scheduled to learn more about gum disease and its treatment.