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general dentistryOur Houston general dentistry expert serves area residents with several preventive and restorative options that help patients avoid oral health problems and complications. In addition to routine exams, our dentist performs filings, root canals, and other procedures in order to address damage caused by tooth decay, gum disease, infections, and other issues. By informing patients on the most effective ways of caring for the teeth and gums at home, our dentist further promotes oral well-being in patients who visit our office.

At routine exams, our expert in general dentistry in Houston inspects the mouth for signs of oral health problems, diagnoses any issues that are found, and cleans the teeth. Although basic visual examination is essential in looking for signs of oral health problems, our dentist is assisted by dental X-rays that can find hidden and microscopic tooth decay, tumors, and infections. Cleaning involves the use of professional instruments to thoroughly clear plaque and tartar from the teeth and restore a natural shine. For patients who are at higher risk of cavities and tooth damage, our dentist may recommend preventive bonding and fluoride application.

General Dentistry Houston

Patients who are diagnosed with oral health problems can receive restorative care from our Houston general dentistry expert. Fillings may be recommended for smaller areas of decay or damage on the teeth. When infections are present inside teeth, patients may receive recommendations for root canal therapy. Crowns may be used for teeth that are extensively damaged by trauma or decay while veneers may be recommended for hiding cosmetic issues and strengthening teeth. When patients lose teeth, they can receive bridge-supported crowns for permanent restoration of chewing ability and appearance.

Most patients should visit our expert in general dentistry in Houston about once per year for routine check-ups, but some individuals may be advised to visit more or less often depending on their risk factors. With general dentistry provided at our office, patients are more likely to enjoy better oral health and looks for life. To learn more about our general dentistry services, patients can schedule a consultation with our Houston dentist.