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Fluoride Treatment

fluoride treatmentTooth decay and erosion can occur over time as bacteria and acids attack the enamel that protects teeth. Although fillings and other restorations can often be used to repair this damage after it has occurred, prevention with fluoride treatment can be a preferable solution. Fluoride helps strengthen the enamel and aids in remineralization by saliva, reducing risks of cavities and erosion as a result. Our Houston fluoride treatment expert may recommend this treatment for children or adults depending on risks of cavities associated with lifestyle factors and medical history.

Fluoride, a mineral that is naturally found in many foods and groundwater supplies, has long been known for its ability to boost the strength of teeth. By preventing tooth decay and helping to reverse erosion after it has already taken place, fluoride can save patients discomfort, time, and money. Fluoride can be especially beneficial for children whose permanent teeth have not yet erupted. By guarding against decay in early life, fluoride can help support development of healthy adult teeth. Adults who have higher risks of tooth decay can also benefit from this preventive procedure by our expert in fluoride treatment in Houston.

Fluoride Treatment Houston

Fluoride treatment performed at our office offers stronger protection compared to store-bought fluoride products. In many cases, our Houston fluoride treatment expert recommends this treatment as part of a preventive approach used during routine check-ups. Depending on the type of fluoride being used, this treatment may involve patients wearing mouth trays for a few minutes or our dentist painting the fluoride directly onto the teeth. Our dentist may also recommend fluoridated dental care products, such as toothpastes and gels, for use at home between professional fluoride treatments.

Certain patients may be more likely to get recommendations for this treatment from our expert in fluoride treatment in Houston. For example, application of fluoride as permanent teeth erupt can help strengthen these new teeth for life. Patients who do not drink fluoridated tap water or who have dry mouth, a history of cavities, or braces can also benefit from fluoride treatment. To learn more about our fluoride treatment, patients can schedule a consultation with our Houston dentist.