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Dental Sealants

dental sealantsDental sealants can be placed on cavity-prone teeth to dramatically reduce risks of erosion and decay. Fissures and pits along molars are the most common sites of application for dental sealants. Although this treatment is most often recommended for children, adults can also benefit from regular preventive use of dental sealants. Individuals who are at higher risk of suffering tooth decay are often ideal candidates for this treatment from our Houston dental sealants expert.

Dental sealants prevent bacteria and acids from attacking parts of the teeth that are most prone to damage. In particular, the grooves on molars are predisposed to decay when bacteria settle there and produce acids that erode teeth. When children suffer from ongoing tooth decay in primary teeth, they are at higher risk of developmental issues as their permanent teeth erupt. Patients of all ages suffer higher rates of gum disease and tooth loss when tooth decay goes untreated. Although restorations can be used to repair teeth that have already been damaged, prevention by our expert in dental sealants in Houston may be a preferred measure against this issue.

Dental Sealants Houston

Our Houston dental sealants expert cleans the teeth and dries them before sealing target areas. After roughening parts of the teeth with an acid solution to ensure proper adhesion by the sealant, our dentist paints the sealant onto the teeth. If necessary, our dentist will use a special light to cure the sealant in place.

Children can often benefit from getting dental sealants early in life, especially after their permanent teeth have begun to emerge. Adults, particularly those with a history of tooth decay, may receive recommendations for treatment by our expert in dental sealants in Houston at any age. Patients can help their sealed areas last longer by limiting consumption of foods that are very hard or acidic, but sealants can be re-applied as necessary for ongoing protection. To learn more about dental sealants and their benefits, patients can contact our Houston dentist for a personal consultation.