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Dental Extraction

dental extractionDental extraction by our dentist in Houston can become necessary when teeth have been badly damaged by decay, gum disease, or trauma. By having these teeth extracted, patients gain relief from acute problems, such as pain, and are free to pursue effective replacements in the future. Despite common misconceptions about dental extraction, the procedure is no more uncomfortable than standard restorative procedures thanks to anesthesia. Here is more about this procedure from our Houston cosmetic dentistry expert.

Dental extraction can follow oral health problems, accidents, or assaults that prevent restoration through fillings, crowns, or surgery from being an option. In these situations, patients may suffer from increasing pain, swelling, and abscess. Left untreated, damaged teeth can potentially result in systemic infections affecting the heart, brain, and lungs. A variety of replacement options from our expert in dental extraction in Houston are open to most patients depending on individual goals and candidacy.

Dental Extraction Houston

Dental extraction begins with administration of local anesthesia to the area around the tooth to be removed. If patients request and qualify for sedation, our Houston dental extraction expert will also administer this before beginning extraction. Most teeth are pulled out with a pair of forceps, but some teeth may require additional preparation. For example, impacted wisdom teeth may require gum incisions and tooth division for easier access with forceps.

Depending on goals and individual factors, patients may be able to choose from dental implants, bridge-supported crowns, and removable dentures for replacement of missing teeth by our expert in dental extraction in Houston. Dental implants stabilize the jaw bone, preventing long-term bone resorption and tooth shifting, and are the most natural-looking option. Bridges prevent tooth shifting but cannot thwart jaw bone resorption, and dentures offer both cosmetic and functional restoration.

Dental extraction offers fast results for patients afflicted with severely damaged teeth that cannot be restored through fillings, crowns, or root canal therapy. After having teeth extracted, patients can ask our Houston dental extraction expert about their candidacy for various replacement options. With any form of tooth replacement, patients can preserve their looks as well as their abilities to speak and chew properly.