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Dental Exam and Cleaning

Dental Exam and CleaningPatients can maintain their appearance and help prevent oral health problems by visiting our Houston dental exam expert regularly for dental examination and cleaning. During routine exams, our dentist looks at the teeth by eye and with X-ray images to detect any issues that are present. Cleaning, performed with professional tools, can reduce plaque and tartar more thoroughly than brushing at home.

Dental Exam Houston

A dental exam can detect a wide range of oral health problems, including tooth decay, gum disease, bone resorption and oral cancer. Certain systemic health problems, such as diabetes, may also manifest in the mouth and can benefit from early detection by our expert in dental exam in Houston. Thanks to dental X-rays, cavities that are microscopic or hidden can be spotted so that appropriate treatment can be offered. Although exams are recommended twice per year for many patients, some patients may receive recommendations for more or less frequent check-ups.

Dental Cleaning Houston

Our Houston dental cleaning expert can help reduce tooth discoloration and offer increased protection against cavities and gum disease. With professional instruments and cleaning compounds, patients can count on having more plaque and tartar cleared from their teeth than what is possible with conventional at-home oral hygiene. Scaling instruments are used to eliminate hard-to-remove plaque and tartar, reducing risks of oral bacterial overgrowth significantly.

Regular check-ups from our expert in dental cleaning in Houston help prevent oral health problems and reduce risks of needing potentially expensive restorative care later. In addition to cleaning and examination, our dentist may recommend fluoride application during routine visits. Fluoride can help strengthen the teeth so that acid erosion and cavities are less likely to happen.

Although restoration can be performed when oral health problems occur, patients can visit our dentist regularly for prevention of cosmetic and functional issues affecting the teeth and gums. In doing so, patients may also reduce their risks of suffering from a number of systemic health issues, including diabetes, heart disease and lung disease. A consultation with our dentist in Houston can be scheduled by patients who want to learn more about our dental exams and cleaning.