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Dental Bridges

dental bridgesDental bridges continue to be popular among patients who need missing teeth replaced. Consisting of anchors that attach to adjacent teeth and hold artificial crowns in areas where teeth have been lost, dental bridges restore looks as well as oral functioning in patients who receive them. Compared to removable dentures, dental bridges are a more stable and permanent solution from our Houston dental bridges expert for missing teeth.

Dental bridges offer a variety of advantages to patients who have lost teeth. For example, dental bridge recipients enjoy aesthetic improvements with a smile that is complete once again. Functionally, dental bridges support normal chewing and speaking and never slip or click as dentures may. Long-term health benefits of dental bridges include prevention of teeth shifting, greater protection from tooth decay, and lowered risks of losing more teeth later in life. With improved ability to chew, bridge recipients are likely to notice better digestion as well.

Dental Bridges Houston

Our expert in dental bridges in Houston performs this treatment in multiple stages. In the first stage, our dentist takes dental impressions of the teeth and prepares the adjacent teeth to support the bridge. A temporary bridge is placed to protect the teeth until placement of the permanent bridge. In the second stage, our dentist checks the newly constructed bridge for proper fit before bonding it in place with dental cement.

Patients who have lost one or a few adjacent teeth are often good candidates for dental bridges. When patients have lost most or all of their teeth, our dentist may recommend an alternative form of tooth replacement. All individuals must undergo an exam by our Houston dental bridges expert initially to determine if they are eligible to receive a bridge.

Proper care, including daily brushing and flossing and regular check-ups by our dentist in Houston, can help bridges stay in good shape for a longer time. Special cleaning techniques designed for dental bridges are also important for bridge recipients. At a consultation with our expert in dental bridges in Houston, patients interested in bridges can learn more this treatment and how it can help them.