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Crown Lengthening

crown lengtheningCrown lengthening involves increasing the visible portion of a tooth and can be used for cosmetic or restorative purposes. During the procedure, our Houston crown lengthening expert removes some of the bone or gum tissue after anesthetizing the area. Patients who undergo this procedure can then smile with confidence or receive necessary restorative procedures that depend on having enough of the tooth exposed.

A variety of situations may prompt recommendations for this treatment from our expert in crown lengthening in Houston. For example, patients who suffer from gummy smile, in which the gums conceal too much of the teeth, may benefit from having crown lengthening performed. To ensure the best aesthetic result, our dentist sculpts the gums afterwards. Sometimes, crown lengthening is performed so that other procedures, such as placement of crowns or fillings, will be successful. This situation may arise when tooth decay or trauma has broken some of the tooth off to such a degree that a restoration cannot be supported without crown lengthening.

Crown Lengthening Houston

Although crown lengthening is considered minor surgery, it is normally performed under local anesthesia. When patients are anxious about treatment, they can ask our dentist about their eligibility for sedation options. Our Houston crown lengthening expert begins the procedure by making incisions in target areas of the gums. Once access to the tooth roots and bone is created, our dentist removes precise amounts of gum tissue and bone according to treatment goals. Finally, our dentist washes the area and sutures the incisions closed. Once healing is complete, our dentist can place crowns or other restorations if these are planned.

Patients can hold ice over the treatment area to ease discomfort and swelling after undergoing crown lengthening. A second appointment, scheduled several days after the procedure, may be necessary to remove the stitches placed by our Houston dentist. Towards the end of the healing period, the gums naturally shrink as swelling dissipates. To learn more about this procedure and how it may be used for restoration or cosmetic improvement, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in crown lengthening in Houston.