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Cosmetic Dentistry

cosmetic dentistryCosmetic dentistry encompasses a wide range of procedures, both temporary and permanent, that improve the appearance of patients. In some cases, cosmetic dental procedures also offer preventive and restorative advantages for oral health. Because the smile is a focal point of social interactions, enhancing it through cosmetic dentistry can be a powerful way to increase confidence and quality of life. Here is more about these treatments from our Houston cosmetic dentistry expert.

Cosmetic dentistry can enhance the lives of patients in several ways. For example, introductions to others may go more smoothly with a better-looking smile to display. When aging patients suffer deterioration in the appearance of their teeth and gums, cosmetic dental care can also help them regain youthful looks. Greater self-confidence may reduce anxiety and depression in people who are not currently happy with how their teeth look, increasing satisfaction at work and at home. Finally, certain cosmetic options can also support better overall health such as in the case of orthodontics.

Cosmetic Dentistry Houston

Patients can choose from a variety of treatments when they visit our expert in cosmetic dentistry in Houston. Teeth whitening may be recommended for stained tooth surfaces while veneers or crowns may be recommended for discoloration originating inside teeth. Invisalign treatment can be used to straighten teeth and improve symmetry in smiles. When patients have lost teeth, they can often choose from dental implants, dentures, or bridges depending on individual factors.

Candidacy for cosmetic dental treatments depends on the goals patients have and the results of an examination by our Houston cosmetic dentistry expert. For patients who want to be happier with the color, structure, or position of their teeth, cosmetic care can be an excellent choice. In some cases, patients may receive recommendations for restorative care before receiving cosmetic treatment.

With help from our expert in cosmetic dentistry in Houston, patients can boost their self-confidence and improve their oral health. To suit the varying needs of patients, a range of both temporary and permanent cosmetic procedures are offered. A consultation with our dentist can be scheduled to learn more about options for cosmetic dental enhancement.